Post-workout Brewski?

Weak body builder

Great research was done at University of Granada to prove a beer after working out is a good idea.  We put this to the test today.  Bueno!


Working out…smoking hot

My husband and I found a great gym to join that has all the amenities we had back in LA plus a few others.  The gimnasio has all the cardio machines we need and areas to stretch.  There are plenty of classes including spinning, Les Mills classes, yoga and even Flamenco.  There are pools inside and out, including  lap swimming for every level and a few hot tubs. It has paddle tennis courts as well. The locker rooms include Turkish baths.  It’s a great place to relax after a workout. The one big difference we found as we took a tour was that the area next to the outdoor pool was equipped with ashtrays.  And there, standing before us was a bikini clad woman with a rockin’ body smoking a cigarette after her workout.  That’s not something you see everyday in LA.  But who am I to judge.

There are a LOT of smokers here in Spain or at least in Granada.  Much more than Los Angeles where the laws are very, very strict.  There I’ve actually seen people yelling at smokers who were standing in the middle of the street, far away from the beach or any restaurant.  I think that’s a bit extreme.

Here, anything seems to go with smoking except inside restaurants and stores.  People aren’t afraid to light up and smoke when they are within a foot of you.  In the U.S it’s rather rare to see parents smoking anywhere near their kids – not here.  Parents are smoking while the stroll their infant or watch their kid’s soccer practice.  It’s a different culture and a lot more relaxed.  I think people should have the freedom to do what they want just not so close to me in a restaurant.  The part that bothers me the most is flicking the butts onto the sidewalks or street. They could use some public ashtrays and things would be a lot cleaner.  But hey, at least my gym has ashtrays!

Dumbells, fitness shoes with broken cigarettes