The Baths

img_8813I finally got the chance to hit the Arab baths or Hammam here in Granada…hot water, really cold water, steam room, showers…serious relaxation. It was also an amazing cultural experience.  The Hammam Al Andalus Granada is housed in a building thats history dates
back to the 13th century where original Arab baths were to have existed.  In the 1500’s the Moors were banned from wearing traditional clothes, speaking their language or enjoying their baths which was a part of their social lives. The baths had been turned into bakeries. In the 1990’s the baths were uncovered and recreated.  These are the first Arab baths that have reopened since the 16th century!

It was a truly unique experience.  My husband and I entered and were given coverings for our shoes and a place to relax with tea.  An attendant came and showed us to our respective locker rooms, we put on our bathing suits.  We were shown around the baths which were surrounded by incredible tiles, unique doorways, relaxing lighting and soft music.  We each received a 30 minute massage that included hot water being poured on top of us as well as soapy water and a serious scrub down.  It was like going through an elegant car wash.  The mood was set for a truly authentic experience.  The flowy fabrics, the gentle waters and unique ambiance brought us back in time.

I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in town and I plan to go back!

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