Street Art in Spain

Spain is full of graffiti, or street art.  Granada seems to be covered in it and I’m trying to decide whether it distracts from the beauty or gives the city an edge and character.

Do you love it or hate it? I can’t decide. It depends on which corner I turn.  Most of it I despise, particularly when it’s just tagging on an ancient church.  It just reeks of disrespect. Apparently there is a hefty fine of 3000 Euros but I haven’t seen that as a deterrent here.

But I can tell you there are some amazing murals found on the walls throughout the city and it would be great to see these artists talents put to better use or at least have their art positioned or commissioned where it would be appreciated.  In some places the government is actually commissioning some of these artists to spray paint on walls throughout Europe.

In 2014 Madrid ran a “contest” for street artists. Really, it was just a ploy to identify the artists work so they could arrest them in the future.  Pretty smooth!

The Oasis hostel actually offers a free tour of the street art in the city.

Do you love it or hate it?  Where have you seen the best street art?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and I’ll be on the lookout for the most interesting, creative street art.  Stay tuned.

Some samples around town:


3 thoughts on “Street Art in Spain

  1. I tell you what, it’s the same way in Greece. I’ve spent many a years going to Greece to spend summers and visit family. You can’t go anywhere and not see Graffiti and it’s usually not good art either. I often wonder if I notice more than someone who has never been to Greece before. It makes me sad to think that someone might visit the country and walk away with a negative view because of all the Graffiti or can they look past it and enjoy everything else the country has to offer.


      1. That’s wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful time, It’s my favorite place on earth but of course I’m slightly biased. The weather is still amazing over there. I’ve never been there this time of year but my mom says that some of the best swimming is in October. My parents have been living in Greece for a year and a half now, although my dad took a job in Kabul, Afghanistan and has since resigned from his job this past week. Thank goodness.


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