Big Mistake. Huge.

So I just had a Pretty Woman moment.

You know, the one when Julia Roberts finally has some cash and time to shop.  She tries to buy a bunch of clothes only to be shoo’d away by the judgemental saleswoman. That happened to me, not in Beverly Hills but in Mango in Granada. I’m taking a trip and need a few dresses and that’s not an easy task when you are up against shops closing for siesta and between feeding and taking care of three kids.

I went into the dressing room with 15 items in my hand. It’s necessary for me to try on a bunch of styles in different sizes. – especially since I’m now operating with European sizes. The girl in the dressing room scoffed at me (I’m pretty sure that’s the international sign for “you’re annoying”) when she saw how much I had, then pointed to a sign that indicated I could only bring five items into the dressing room.  That was fine with me and I kindly asked in Spanish where I could put my remaining items. I put them on a rack she was organizing and every time I put something on the rack she aggressively shoved items up against mine. It seemed like there was a problem. Finally I formed the words I needed in Spanish and asked “Que es la problema?” She kept scoffing then finally said “No es normal”. I guess it wasn’t normal that I would try on so many items but it’s not normal I get time to myself to shop either. I countered “Yo. quiero. Comprar. mucha. ropa.” (I want to buy a lot of clothes). She didn’t care. Still there was attitude and she was rolling her eyes (another international sign of annoyance). Soon I found myself yelling in Spanish “No hay problema! Que Es la problema?” She yelled “No es normal.” Finally I threw down my stuff and said ” Yo voy a El Corte Ingles!” ( I am going to El Corte Ingles – It’s like Spain’s Macys’s).  Soon she was apologizing, but man I was bitter but pretty proud that I could actually argue in Spanish. Maybe it’s not normal but it’s not normal not to want me to buy clothes and it’s more efficient if I bring them in first. Chances are I’m not getting dressed and going back out there.

I’m heading to El Corte Ingles now. Maybe I’ll cruise by Mango later with my bags, shrug, and say,  “Big Mistake. Huge.”

I’ve always wanted to do that!

Check it out on You Tube:

And the longer version!


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