Granadas In Granada

Our carmen here in Granada, Spain has several fruit trees in our backyard including a granada tree (that’s a pomegranate in img_0264
Spanish).  We have over 50 ripe ones so today my eight year old and I decided to try a couple new recipes using the granadas as well as the ripe lemons.

We picked the fruit off the tree and opened them up to find beautiful, red seeds, that were sweet and delicious.  I sent my older son to the local, organic market with a list in Spanish – plain low fat yogurt and miel (honey in Spanish), we made a delicious dip for our Granny Smith apples.



We used the lemons by combining a teaspoon of olive oil with plain yogurt as well black pepper to make a great salad dressing.  We made a salad with arugula, tomatoes, chickpeas and pesto chicken and topped it off with my little man’s salad dressing. Yum! Dinner is served.

The Osborne Bulls in Spain

As we road trip from Granada to Madrid we’ve noticed the silhouettes of several big, black bulls along the roadside.  I did a little research and discovered they were originally billboards created in 1956 for a brand of sherry, Veterano, by The Osborne Group. These bulls were designed by artist Manolo Prieto and  have since been ruled by the courts as a symbol of Spain.  They now exist on the roadsides but no longer have (or need) the brand name on them.

There are 90 bulls throughout the country. Check out the map and history here!