One of my favorite things about Spain…The Kisses!

I’m a hugger back in L.A. I’ve always been a hugger.  But that was generally reserved as a warm way to say hello or goodbye to good friends or my tightest colleagues.  But Spain loves kissing, double cheek kissing, and it’s not just reserved for your besties.  Admittedly, I was a bit awkward with it at first but I’m getting better.  It’s sort of like Hollywood air kissees only more sincere.  For awhile I was overthinking it.  Do I go right? Or left? What if we end up on the lips?  Does the arm go around the shoulder at the same time?  A couple of times I reached out to shake hands with someone and ended up holding their hand while kissing each others cheeks.


By now I’ve had a bit of practice but I’m still working out the kinks.  I let the other guy (or gal) take the lead.  There are not just Spaniards here but folks from other countries, so I try to be respectful of all cultures.  So far, I’ve received kisses from a fellow mom upon meeting her for the first time, my son’s basketball coach and even my daughter’s male teacher.   It’s definitely made me feel more welcome here in Spain!

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