Granada’s Parque de las Ciencias

This weekend we visited Granada’s Parque de las Ciencias which was entertaining and inspiring for all of us.  One of my sons deemed it “one of the coolest places I’ve ever been”. And he’s been some pretty cool places.

The kids were thrilled that it is an “interactive museum” where they are able to touch and experience the science.  We started out in a room set up specifically for kids and I laughed as the kids fought over the “ancient” rotary telephone (the kids didn’t know what to do once they put their finger in the hole), and a classic typewriter (not unlike the one I had to use in college).  For you young one’s I included YouTube videos on how to use the items in the links above.  It was a trip that my kids never had the opportunity to touch any of these items.  Hence, they are now in a museum.  I am old.

We stopped by the planetarium and watched a film, Escher’s Universe, about the artist, MC Escher who was able to combine his artistry with science.  Escher visited Granada’s Alhambra (the historic Moorish Castle) in 1922, and from this experience he became fascinated with the Arab art and the repetition and multiplication of geometric patterns.  This led to his intense study of Regular Plane Division for which he is famous.  Even though the film was in Spanish we gained some information and the kids now can recognize his works.

Here’s a great explanation on the influence of the Alhambra on MC Escher:

Our favorite part of the museum was the Biodomo which includes over 250 types ofimg_1990 animals and has three areas, the Amazon, Madagascar and Indo-Pacific.  We saw sharks, Toucans and ring-tailed lemur’s that would hang from the trees and once in a while jump onto someone’s head.  The biodomo also included sloths, one which scooted across the ceiling over us, stopping every once in awhile to scratch his private parts.  Most of the animals we had never seen up close before!

There were so many different things to see including a temporary exhibition, SOS: The Science of Prevention, which included ways to deal with natural and manmade disasters.

There were so many things to see and do here that we left a lot to do for next time.  I highly encourage folks to visit if they are in Granada!



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