Rome to Madrid

At the Rome Airport my family and I met up with the baggage company, Bon Bags that we used to store most of our suitcases while we galavanted through Italy without having to carry everything.  They were on time and met us right outside the terminal with all of our bags.  I saw that some people online were skeptical of this kind of service but I can tell you we had an Xbox, jewelry, an expensive camera and all our clothes and everything made it safely.  This so such great idea but I doubt they would allow to in the US due to security concerns.

IMG_7454We took Iberia Air which I had never flown before. We got the Business Class seats which allowed us into the club. This was a fun surprise from my husband.  When we fly domestic in the US we are usually in the second to last or last row on a Southwest flight. Now I love Southwest but when you are traveling with a family of five it’s tough to find seats together and I’m not organized enough to be at my computer exactly 24 hours prior so we get “A” boarding. We are beyond our years for using the “We are traveling with small children routine ” ( our youngest is 8). Anyway… I digress.

IMG_7462We were excited to fly premium class because we enjoyed the free food, cocktails and dessert in the lounge.  The Rome airport was really easy to navigate.  Boarding was on time.  The only thing lacking was Wifi and TV’s but it’s only a 2 1/2 hour flight to Madrid.  I was so impressed at how many languages the  flight attendants spoke. Ours spoke THREE and was so excited to practice English.  My husband and I were offered red wines but were IMG_7467unfamiliar with them so he served us both!

We got to Madrid on time and the first thing we spotted was the Real Madrid store and the kids were fired up to go in. My husband was thrilled to see Starbucks and was ready for a Venti sized coffee.  The kids and I were enjoying the fact that people were literally playing soccer or futbol at baggage claim!  Outside we met a driver who was sent to get us from our AirBnB rental.  He was so nice and we practiced Spanish with him and he gave us a bit of a tour on the drive.

IMG_7472The trip went great and we were excited to visit Madrid and looked forward to arriving in this great city!


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