Our family hopped on the train at the Empoli station and arrived in Florence in just about an hour. The train station was quite clean and we grabbed a quick bite there.  We climbed aboard and at first we were disappointed to find there was no air conditioning – it was so hot!  After a few stops we followed a few Italian people and moved cars and we were thrilled to find out that it was just our car that had broken AC.

Our family of five had no real plan but to explore the city on foot and see what sparked our interest.  After being in Rome I wasn’t sure I needed to see more churches or museums but when we approached the Duomo we knew it was well worth the trip.  It really is exquisite with various colors throughout – a true masterpiece with a incredible amount of detail. Even the kids oooh’d and awe’d!

We stopped for gelato where the kids got three different flavors.  I had an Aperol spritz which is the drink of the moment and publicized on every chalkboard at every restaurant in Florence.  It’s perfect on a hot day!

We wandered over to see the replica of Michelangelo’s David.  We gave the kids a heads up on the nudity and they weren’t surprised after being in Rome.  The line to see the real David was extraordinarily long and we didn’t have the time to wait on this trip.

My son is really into the Greek and Roman Gods (he’s an avid reader of the Rick Riordan series) so he  was excited to see statues of Perseus and Medusa.  He gave us an education on the mythological tales.

We headed over to Museo Galileo but were really bummed out to find it was closed on Wednesdays.  Just our luck!  Our kids then decided they were on a quest for the best gelato in Florence.  We stopped at Grom where they were able to compare.  This place seemed to be the winner for them!

There is definitely plenty of shopping in Florence.  I didn’t get to partake myself but my daughter got a pair of Adidas that have been on her wish list and another cute pair for only 9 Euro!

Our family really enjoyed an afternoon in Florence and all it had to offer.  We were able to make the most of this beautiful city in a few short hours and I’d love to go back!


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