Agriturismo in Tuscany

Since we were going to be in Italy we decided to join our friends from Los Angeles on their trip to Tuscany.  They were staying in a cute town called Lamporecchio.  Online we found a place calles Casa Italia that was a “5 minute walk” from their place. When we drove up we were beyond impressed with the gorgeous view – it was out if a travel guide or a movie. The view from the window looked like this…

The place had a pool, tennis court, trampoline and games for the kids. It was set amongst the olive trees and vines with grapes growing – this is what makes this agriturismo or agritourism.  We were set in a rural area amongst nature where food is harvested.

We enjoyed drinking wine and swimming in the pool. The inside of the apartment did leave something to be desired.  The decor is old and the place was missing some simple necessities – paper towels, trash bags, and dish soap.  There was no microwave, the wifi was touchy and they offered a washer but no dryer. We had to contact the office to use the washer and they were not there at all times.  The greenery was so gorgeous but the downside of it being so green and floral was that it brought plenty of bugs, moths and wasps (my son got stung!). It would have been nice to have screens on the windows  so we could keep them open since it was quite hot. If you go please note to bring plenty of bug spray!

The 5 minute walk described was through the woods and it was hysterical because the instructions were to “go past the Virgin Mary” (a random statue set in the olive groves) and turn right after “the abandoned house”.  It was a little creepy late night after plenty of wine!

We had so much fun with our friends who brought in an Italian chef who made us pizza, pasta, pork and lemonciello which was made from her lemon tree and took 4 months to make! The dinner, company and the view was amazing! My friend is from Panama and her parents were there ( who only speak Spanish) and we were able to practice by talking with them.

It was sad watching my daughter have to say goodbye to one of her best friends and soccer teammates.  We made some amazing memories though and look forward to having them come visit. This was certainly a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of Tuscany and even better that we could share it with others!


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