Spain on our minds

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Jill's Urban Food Crawls

Spain trip mapSpain has been on our minds a lot lately. The food, the culture, and the encouragement of good friends in Spain prompted us to spend time this spring exploring the country. We had a direct flight to Madrid and then hopped on the Renfe AVE high speed train to southern Spain, visiting Malaga and Granada. We then rented a car and drove north through miles of endless olive groves into the wine region of Valdepenas in Castilla-La Mancha. After a few days of wine tasting, we drove back to the beach for a day in Denia, a small town on the Costa Blanca. Finally, we drove up the coast to our final destination of Valencia.

Spanish culture presented some new challenges for us. Would we be able to navigate the strict restaurant hours? Could we adjust to the notoriously late Spanish lifestyle, eating lunch at 2:00 pm and dinner at…

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