LA to Spain

Map of Spain
We are planning to move out of the country – and not due to the lack of viable U.S. Presidential candidates like a few celebrities have recently threatened.  My husband and I have decided to move our family of five from Los Angeles, California to Granada, Spain and experience life in Europe for one year.  We wanted to create an amazing opportunity for our kids and share this experience while we are all still young enough to enjoy ourselves and old enough to shower ourselves (our kids are 11 10 and 8).  All five of us are currently of sound mind and body (for the most part)!
We love Los Angeles but we are ready to get off the treadmill and take a break from our daily routines and the intense sports schedules. It’s time to change things up.  Traveling abroad is not something my husband and I took time to do in our 20’s because we couldn’t afford to.  At that time we had student loans and struggled to pay rent in Los Angeles and we wanted to start our careers.  So now is the time for us.
We are looking forward to learning Spanish, and discovering things about the country and ourselves.   We are ready to experience the food, art and history of Europe and Southern Spain…and of course the Fiestas and the Siestas!
Join us on this crazy ride or feel free to pop in once in awhile as we go on this journey!

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